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Home and Community Support

Household Tasks

The competent and proficient NDIS support workers of Loyal Support Services are able to aid participants in honing their everyday life and living skills in order to help them easily accomplish their objectives under the NDIS scheme. The kind of assistance we offer to those participants requiring Assistance with Household Tasks encompasses the following:

  • vacuuming (light)
  • Assistance with laundry 
  • washing dishes
  • changing beds
  • ironing
  • preparing meals
  • maintaining the house environment 
  • disposing of garbage

Participate in Community

Our social and recreational activities support include helping you to visit your loved ones, engaging in physical activities like sports, tennis, surfing, or going to the cinema, shopping, sightseeing, or taking part in calming activities like meditation, yoga, dancing, art lessons, and quilting to gain new abilities.

Innovative Community Participation

We do this by supplying peer support, instilling self-assurance through self-promotion, and creating relationships.

This assistance facilitates the development of skills needed for budgeting, utilising technology, cooking, managing home duties, managing personal wellbeing, and personal development. We promote well-being in individuals through our community engagement initiatives. This includes providing peer assistance, inspiring confidence and self-awareness, and cultivating relationships. This assistance encompasses a range of development of skills needed for budgeting, utilising technology, cooking, household duties, personal development and managing personal wellbeing.

Assist-Personal Activities

  • Assistance with Self-Care Activities

Loyal Support Services provides support to those with disability with their self-care activities. If you are an eligible NDIS participant, this assistance can help you achieve your day-to-day activities and preserve your freedom.

We are able to provide individual care services at home for those who live by themselves, in a family unit, or in a communal setting. This type of support may be required frequently for everyday living, work and educational tasks, every once in a while for social or recreational activities, or for holidays or travel.


  • Assistance with Personal Domestic Activities

We provide support for Personal Domestic Tasks to help people build their skills to carry out their day-to-day activities and keep their home in order.

For instance, if you have your own house or are renting one and you are responsible for the upkeep of your garden, you can request a support worker to assist with gardening and other basic chores.

Development-Life Skills

We have highly qualified support workers who are dedicated to enhancing life skills that are indispensable for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and succeeding in reaching NDIS objectives.

Our support workers help participants with everyday tasks such as budgeting, utilising public transit, and increasing self-trust.

Furthermore, we also support them in cultivating useful skills linked to communication, recreational activities, paying invoices, managing their time efficiently, solving issues, and making informed decisions.

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