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NDIS Support Coordination

Support Connection

“Support Connection” refers to enhancing individuals’ ability to utilize various forms of assistance, including social, local, and government-funded support.

Our experienced Support Coordinators in Sydney can assist participants in comprehending and navigating the NDIS support services specified in their NDIS Plan.

Level 2, Coordination of Supports (Support Coordination)

Are you in need of NDIS Support Coordination in Sydney?

Our dedicated team of Support Coordinators possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge. They are well-equipped to help participants comprehend and effectively utilise their NDIS plan to reach their desired objectives. We understand that navigating the NDIS can be complex, and that’s where our support coordination comes into play.

Our support coordinators excel at connecting participants with NDIS providers, community resources, mainstream services, and other government agencies. We understand the importance of linking participants with the right services and support networks to ensure the best possible outcomes.

We take pride in not only assisting with immediate needs but also in helping participants develop the confidence and expertise needed to access and manage their support. Whether it’s arranging home-based NDIS support services or guiding participants through the intricacies of the NDIS, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

If you are a Participant or a Representative, looking for NDIS support services in Sydney that prioritise their goals and well-being, reach out to us. We’re committed to providing exceptional NDIS Support Coordination services ensuring that participants make the most of their NDIS plan.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

At Loyal Support Services in Sydney, we provide tailored Psychosocial Recovery Coach support to NDIS participants with psychosocial disabilities. Our Recovery Coaches assist participants in achieving fulfilling and productive lives, emphasising a smooth transition across various life stages.

Our dedicated coaches empower participants to address daily challenges effectively and collaborate closely with them, their families, caregivers, and other support services to develop and implement a recovery plan. We also facilitate access to NDIS and other resources to ensure a holistic approach to participants’ psychosocial recovery journey.

Participants have the option to choose a recovery coach with lived experience or expertise in psychosocial disability and mental health.

If you’re participant or a representative, seeking NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coach support in Sydney that prioritises your well-being and goals, contact us today.”

Level 2, Coordination of Supports (Support Coordination)

Support coordination is a service that assists you in maximizing the potential of your NDIS plan.

The support coordinators we employ are experienced and knowledgeable in helping you comprehend and make use of your NDIS plan to achieve your desired goals, connecting you with NDIS providers, community, mainstream, and other government services, and helping you develop your confidence and expertise to access and manage your support

Level 3, Specialist Support Coordination

Our team of highly skilled Specialist Support Coordinators in Sydney is dedicated to providing top-notch NDIS support services. We understand the importance of overcoming obstacles that may hinder participants from accessing and maintaining the right support. Our approach involves close collaboration with participants, their families, and carers to ensure a holistic and effective support system.

Our Specialist Support Coordinators work diligently to:

  • Identify Barriers: We work closely with participants to identify and understand the specific barriers they face, hindering their access to essential supports.
  • Solution-Focused Approach: We find innovative solutions to address these barriers, tailoring them to the unique needs of each participant.
  • Priority Setting: Our team establishes a prioritized plan to overcome these barriers, ensuring immediate access to essential supports.

In cases where significant life complications require a service plan, our Specialist Support Coordinator will:

  • Explore Support Options: Collaborate with the individual, their family, and carers to identify a wide range of funded and non-funded supports.
  • Service Plan Design: Create a service plan that ensures all services work together effectively to help the participant achieve their goals.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Establish processes that promote communication, cooperation, and collaboration within the participant’s support network.
  • Issue Resolution: Assist the participant, their family, and carers in resolving issues and unexpected situations.
  • Crisis Support: Ensure consistent delivery of services and immediate access to relevant support in crisis or unplanned events.

Once a service plan is crafted, our Specialist Support Coordinator remains actively involved, assisting the participant and their support circle in implementing the plan effectively.

For top-quality NDIS support coordination and services in Sydney, trust us to help you access the right support and care you need.

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